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Here is a simple to use and highly effective way of managing task requests online for your organisation. "It's unique, it removes inefficient paper systems, reduces human error, saves time and is inexpensive. It's easy to use and requires no I.T. skills. It's a veritable godsend!"

  • EASY TO USE - "I mastered it in less than two minutes"
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE - great feedback from users and managers - "my estate manager says it has saved hours of his time ... and, as manager, I can see what is being requested on a daily basis"
  • EASILY ADAPTABLE - tailor it quickly to suit your organisation - "We started off with maintenance requests and now have everything from catering to IT and portering"
  • LOW COST- starts at just £0.63 per user per month

Taskman makes the whole task request and feedback process very smooth and straightforward. A simple, frustration-free system!

See how it works by viewing the video ... or call 01626 839836 for a demonstration


  • "Taskman is going very well, and in my view has led to a very much more organised and systematic approach. The users like it too! A great success."

    John Morris
    Head of Estate Management
    Stowe School
  • "Since JNE started working with Taskman we have had a remarkable turnaround in the operational performance of the business. It has had a massive impact for me as the Managing Director of the company."

    Helen Carew
    Managing Director
    JNE Construction
  • "This system is a huge time saver. It is a means of effective communication that shows clear records of outstanding job, how work is progressing and when it has been completed. It is extremely useful."

    Joan Grant
    Sandilands School
  • "We are very happy with this easy to use system. It is now much easier to report maintenance tasks to our Site Manager and to be able to monitor outstanding tasks."

    Karen Taylor
    School Business Manager
    John Clifford School
  • "Collating, prioritising and monitoring repair and maintenance tasks in a large school on several different sites has always been difficult. Taskman offers an excellent solution to this problem: it is easy to use and provides a clear picture of the progress being made to the interested parties."

    David Lewis
    Network Manager
    Dulwich Prep
  • "Just what we’ve been looking for! Everyone seems so far to have taken to it – even the lads who do the work, and I feared that they would see it as an admin bind"

    Rob Dunmore
    Director of Facilities & Estates
    Nottingham High School
  • "Taskman has really improved the way that we work, managing the maintenance team and creating an audit trail of completed work has really improved the service we can offer to our tenants at the Airport Business Centre"

    Ray Johns
    Operations Manager
    The Una Group
  • "This system is fab. It has given my maintenance manager accountability and stopped messages to get jobs done being passed in the corridor. Now jobs are logged and we have a record of what people are doing with their time."

    Penelope Davies-Gregory
    St Luke's Hospice
  • "Hazard analysis and maintenance is well managed by the bursar's department using an electronic management and monitoring system ... breakages and repairs are managed through this system and have proved an effective means of providing timely repairs"

    Ofsted, February 2010
  • "Taskman has had a profound effect in just six months - the support staff are working more efficiently, all the job requests are getting done and I am easily able to monitor all the actions. Significant cost-savings have been made"

    David Baylis
    Plymouth College
  • "Taskman is an excellent tool to have at your disposal ... It is a transparent system for all users ... I use Taskman as a progress tool ... Taskman gives me measured responses to my requests which, particularly in equipment maintenance, is crucial to my business"

    Karen Mushing
    Catering Manager
  • "... no other system comes close to matching Taskman. It's dead easy to log a maintenance request. I get instant feedback and continual email updates on the maintenance status, including details on likely completion date. Give it to Taskman and get the job done"

    Steve Vorster
    Economics Teacher
  • "Taskman has enabled us, as support services, to achieve our best intentions and to deliver a higher standard as well as deliver punctually"

    Nicki Krygier
    Domestic Services Manager
  • "Taskman gives me a clear record of how work is progressing and allows me to talk to my staff if any job has not been completed to see if there is a problem so that we can find a solution. It also gives a clear record of how many jobs have been carried out"

    Clive Bryant
    Maintenance Foreman
  • "I use Taskman regularly to access a variety of services at my place of work including IT, catering and maintenance. It is quick and easy to use and the tracking system enables me to follow the progress of any request. I would thoroughly recommend this package."

    Liz Aubrey-Fletcher

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